The Seventh International Conference, December 11-13, 2023

Start 11. Dezember 2023
Ende 13. Dezember 2023
Ort Metrokino, Wien

The Seventh International Conference, Colour in Film, will be organized by Colour Group GB, HTW Berlin and Filmarchiv Austria, and take place from December 11-13, 2023 (with an evening pre-screening on the 10th) in the latter's gorgeous Metrokino in Vienna, Austria.
It will focus on colour in underwater film, and particularly the work of Austrian film and diving pioneer Hans Hass. Hass' important cinematic heritage is preserved at Filmarchiv; his stunning 1954 Technicolor feature, UNDER THE CARRIBBEAN, was among the first to open up the underwater realm in all its colours to a world wide audience. We will explore the cinematic underwater film from its monochrome beginnings through this milestone and beyond, learn about the colours of cinema and nature, and the nature of colour and light.
The program of screenings, presentations, and restoration studies will include keynote lectures on Hans Hass, the colors of the animal realm, and the unique process of Lippmann photography.
Confirmed speakers include silent film curator Elif Rongen-Kaynakçi, three colour and Lippmann scholar Hanin Hannouch, digital media culture expert Franziska Heller, Hans Hass biographer Michael Jung, evolutionary biologist and diver Casper van der Kooi and others.
Please join us as we continue to explore how the many facets of color in film, photography and nature merge and emerged.
And do spread the word!
The CiF 2023 organizing team: Elza Tantcheva-Burdge (Colour Group Britain); Nikolaus Wostry, Florian Wrobel, Oliver Bruck (Filmarchiv Austria); Ulrich Ruedel, Sreya Chatterjee (HTW Berlin).