Modern Climate Change and the Practice of Archaeology

Start 07. April 2017


 7th to 8th April 2017


Jesus College ι University of Cambridge ι Cambridge

Modern climate change has serious consequences for the knowledge of our past. Desertification, eroding coasts, rising sea levels and melting permafrost threaten the preservation of natural and cultural sites. These and other damaging processes not only jeopardise the archaeological record, but also the living cultural practices of affected communities and their economic and social resilience. As the planet faces increasing global temperatures, the perils posed by rapid climate change will continue to be a major challenge for archaeology throughout the twenty-first century. Volume 32.2 of the Archaeological Review from Cambridge wishes to provide a forum for graduate students and young professionals to highlight and explore modern climate change related challenges to the practices of archaeology and heritage management, as well as productively contribute to current climate change debates.

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