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16.-20.09.13 | CONFERENCE - METAL 2013 (ICOM-CC)


16. - 20.09.2013




Metal 2013 is a five-day interim meeting of the International Council of Museums Committee for Conservation (ICOM-CC) Metal Working Group. The Metal Working Group is the conservation community’s peak body concerned with the conservation, restoration and preservation of all objects made of metals or metallic alloys of archaeological, indigenous, artistic, or historical origin.

The aim of the Metals Working Group is to foster conservation and to promote the conservation science of Metals, to encourage the networking of conservators and metals experts, and to facilitate the dissemination of information on current conservation practice, research, and education; by electronic communication, meetings, specialty groups, and social networks. The Metals Working Group publishes a biannual Newsletter. The latter is produced in collaboration with a broad community of conservators and conservation scientists who contribute to the international development of metals conservation practice.

This week-long international conference on metal conservation will take place in Edinburgh, Scotland from 15th to 20th September 2013. Delegates from around the world will share presentations on the conservation and preservation of historic metal including artefacts, sculpture and structures.


Case Studies:

  • Challenges of conserving industrial heritage
  • Assessment methodologies such as the application of scientific techniques to further understanding of metal objects or assist in their conservation
  • Archaeological and historical metal conservation (from both terrestrial and marine contexts)
  • Conservation of outdoor sculpture and architectural metalwork
  • In situ conservation of large or complex objects
  • Composite objects
  • Conservation of architectural and military objects

Research and Treatment Development:

  • Progress in conservation treatments such as stabilization techniques, cleaning, corrosion inhibitors, preventative conservation, risk management analysis
  • New approaches in metal protection
  • Conservation of wrought and cast iron
  • Ethical considerations in conserving metals
  • Documentation of metal objects and structures such as 3D reality capture, finite element analysis

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